Review: Platinum Play Casino

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Platinum Play is one of the best member casinos in the Fortune Lounge Group which has other casinos under its belt such as 7 Sultans. The Fortune Lounge is a very well established casino group and they have brought their expertise to run this casino to their customers likings. US players are not accepted at this casino as with most Microgaming casinos. They have their license based in Malta and have been running successfully since 2004. Platinum casino is one of the Groups latest offerings, and if you like their other casinos, you will love this one. If you are looking for an online casino with similar quality and performance, then ยูฟ่าเบท is ther for you.

There is very little to distinguish the casino from the others at first glance. The website is less cartoon like, and is dressed up in a more seductive and adult manner, but the inner workings are much the same. You can pay via most credit and debit cards. The e wallet payment selection is limited, but you should have no problem if you are using a transfer or a card. You can exchange your UK pounds, US dollars or Euros for casino chips. If you have played in a Microgaming platform you will be instantly pleased when you arrive and play at Platinum Play. You can expect all the security features of a top casino, and be sure that you playing at a casino at the cutting edge of entertainment and technology. 

All the games are glitch free and run really well. You can access the games and help online by using your browser or you can download the entire casino in a very small package to your computer within minutes. casino games are available by download or browser based instant play. The latter option which offers a reduced selection of the full line of casino games found with the software package is useful for a casual short term player but if you want to take advantage of one of the main features of the casino it is best to download. They do have a decent variety of slots available, with Reel Slots, Bonus Slots, Progressive slots and Video Slots. 

Platinum Play Casino also has a wide selection of classic casino games including table games and including Baccarat, Blackjack, Craps, Keno, Roulette, Sic Bo, and Casino Poker. There are several varieties of each main game, and you will be sure to find one that suits your tastes. 

The betting limits are very high on the tables, so if you are a high roller you will be right at home playing here. All new customer receive a unique sign up bonus. This means that every penny you deposit will be matched by Platinum Play up to 1500 Euros. This gives you the opportunity to bet higher stakes and stand the chance of making more money. The deposit bonus does come with its own conditions though. You only get the bonus for 24 hours before it is withdrawn, and if you want to withdraw money, you will need to play through the bonus. When you have completed the time period if you have a positive account, you can withdraw up to 100 Euros as long as you first deposit 20 Euros to verify your account. 

Platinum Play Casino offers customer support 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, including holidays so they are in operation 365 days per year. They are also truly international with a toll-free phone service for locations around the world. You can also contact them via live chat or email and their response times are very quick.

Bluetooth Earphones- Listen to Music with the Best Tool at Hand

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In such trying times, people have become more united than ever as the corona virus pandemic has put the entire world under siege as a result of which people are now confined to their homes without any respite.

Therefore, they can only go out to buy the essentials like groceries, appliances, ration, etc. where they have to strictly maintain social distancing to prevent the virus from spreading further.

What makes it interesting is that the time spent at home is not as boring and monotonous as people had thought because they have found good alternatives to pass time and one of them is listening to music.

Music to Ears

There is nothing like soothing music to give your mind a deep sense of calm and bliss which has become quite rare in the current times and earphones are the perfect instrument where you can listen to the songs of your choice without causing inconvenience to others.

There are different genres for different moods right from soft to romantic to hip hop and likewise, there are different quality earphones to go well with your ears and we are going to look at some.

The best cheap wireless earbuds usually have Bluetooth in them and they are as follows:

  • JLab Buds Air-

They come with bass sound that is quite nice on the ears and is made from water proof material with such special features that should make it expensive but is not and this when the battery life is 5 hours with an extra 10 if it is on charging mode that comes at $64

It is perfectly fit for ears although it its sound is loud and piercing so take care to lower its volume to a bare minimum level and costs around $50

How To Find Love Through The Pandemic

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Like most of the world, chances are you are also affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. In this article, we will find you on how to find love with the help of virtual or online dating. Without further ado, let’s start:

  1. Set up your online dating profile

If you haven’t created an online dating account yet on platforms such as Tinder and obich, now is the perfect time to do so. People cannot go out due to lockdown and travel restrictions around the world, and even if you and your date can go together, you cannot be intimate due to social distancing guidelines. There are also guidelines for wearing masks, which is not a fit for dates. With that in mind, today is the perfect time to try out online dating.

  1. Choose a good profile picture and bio

First impressions are important on actual dates. That is also true for online dating. The first impressions on online dating include the profile picture you are using, your bio, and the interests, hobbies, and other things that you put in your profile. As such, you should make sure that your profile picture and uploaded pictures look interesting and charismatic. Make sure that the “About” section of your profile is updated.

  1. Show your concern to potential partners through these hard times

As we are currently going through a pandemic, the best way to show that you care is by giving importance to the person you are dating. You should also expect the same to the person you are dating online. After all, if the person you are dating doesn’t show that they care for you when it is really easy to do ( just a text, chat or phone call will do), how can you assure that they truly care for you?

Benefits Of Playing Online Slots

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Through the advancement of technology, playing slots has changed into a more accessible and convenient platform. Nowadays, we have online slots where we can certainly get entertainment and fun without having the need to go to a casino house. Also, there are several advantages of playing online slots. Here are some of them:

Easy to Play

One of the conveniences that gamers can get from playing online slots is the ease of playing. Online slots are very accessible so players no longer have to leave the comfort of their homes and go to casino house. All they have to do is to go to the casino game websites such as and you can now play casino.

Wide variety of games

You can also get wide variety of games from playing online slots. Networked casinos offer an array of slots for gamers to play. They can choose from different, paylines, themes and reels. But as a player, it is important to choose the game that would suit your interests and preference so you will have more chances of winning.

Game Availability

Aside from game options, you also have wide variety of selection in game availability. You can easily pick up your top choices. You no longer have to wait for some machines to become available because online slots are vast.

Higher Payouts

You can also expect higher payouts in playing online slots. You can expect a percentage of payout of 92 % to 97 %. So if you are really into games with high chances of winning higher payouts, online slots may be the best deal for you.

Rewards and Incentives

Playing online slots will also give you rewards and bonuses. This concept has been adopted by a lot of networked casinos in order to attract gamers on their site. 

Telltale Games The Walking Dead Satisfies that Zombie Craving

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Zombies are the new cool, and if you’re looking for an undead action fix while The Walking Dead television series is on its summer break you need to check out the latest episodic game title from Telltale Games – The Walking Dead.

They have always been a favorite amongst horror fans, and with the increasing popularity of The Walking Dead comic book series and television show, the hordes of flesh eating undead have gained quite a following of new fans. While there are other zombie based games on the market, Telltale Games has delivered a new title that is sure to satisfy any gamer’s hunger for survival amongst what we now refer to as “walkers.” The cravings of the players will be satisfied through the availability of the smurf account lol for video game lovers. The interest will be increase when there will be online playing of the games under the supervision of the experts. 

The game, which is in direct relation to both the comic and TV series, actually introduces players to a new set of characters, while throwing in some familiar faces. Lee Everett is the main character, a new arrival in the Walking Dead universe. As we experienced with Rick Grimes and the rest of the gang, we don’t know much about Lee. As the game unfolds, we learn – and while doing so – we feel right at home when we encounter Hershel and Glenn.

Some time ago, Telltale introduced the gaming community to a unique concept. Well-known titles such as Sam and Max and Monkey Island delivered play in an episodic format. Joining the catalogue shortly there-after was Back to The Future and Jurassic Park. Based on continuing play that is released on a monthly basis – The Walking Dead video game will be released in five episodes in the span of just as many months.

So how does the game play?

It is part action, part adventure, and part RPG. In past Telltale titles, simple point and clicks were used to move the game forward. Click on an item – add it to inventory and use it somewhere later. With The Walking dead, things have changed a little. While point and click is still there, the main character can now be controlled at points in the game with familiar up, down, left, right controls. Unlike games in the past, this title also takes character choices into consideration for future episodes – giving the game some extra life and replay value.

Does the game hold up to the standard of the comic and the show?

Both fans and newcomers will enjoy the comic style artwork and audio. The story, another strong part of the game, is also sure to keep players watching their backs while waiting for the next part in the release.

The Walking Dead is available for Windows PC, and gaming consoles.

Small Business Owner’s Guide to Employee Discipline: Verbal Warnings

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Employee discipline is a difficult task for any Human Resources manager. It is an inevitable part of business. One of the many hats that I wear in my current occupation is Human Resources Manager. While it is not one of my preferred duties, the need to discipline an employee does occur from time to time. Read on to learn more about properly handling employee discipline.

In a perfect world, each business would have a set of guidelines to follow when it comes to reprimanding employees. This is not a perfect world. The company that I work for has been in operation for over twenty-five years and has never had an employee handbook or a set of guidelines to follow when it comes to employee discipline. They handle things on a case-by-case basis. In my experience, this is not a good idea. It is important to have standards and guidelines to follow, this makes the Human Resources Manager’s job much easier, and the employees know exactly what is expected of them. The employees of the organization should be guided towards the hrms in singapore about the manual and software process. The process should be simple and easy for the managers and the employees.

If you are facing the task of reprimanding an employee, and your company currently does not have guidelines and standards in place, you should follow the instructions below.

The first step in employee discipline is informing the employee that they have done something wrong. This is generally referred to as a verbal warning. When you give an employee a verbal warning, you should take the employee aside, away from other employees. Take them to a private office or at least out of earshot of others. There is no need to reprimand an employee in the presence of their peers. Tell the employee what they have done, and why it was wrong. Tell them how they can avoid the action in the future and tell them what to expect if they continue to repeat the same action. To handle a verbal warning if the employee has excessive absenteeism you might consider the following script.

You: John, I need to speak with you for a moment. Would you mind stepping into my office?

Once he is in your office, you should make the reprimand brief and as painless as possible.

You: John, I need to discuss your attendance. I realize you have had a sick child and that you have had several doctor’s appointments, but I have ran this report and it shows you have missed over 8 days since February. Many of these days have been unexcused absences.

Company policy states that employees who have over one year of service are eligible for 5 vacation days and 3 sick days per year. You have several months before you reach the one-year mark and your attendance is unacceptable.

At this point, you will likely receive a response. This response can vary from apologies and promises to do better to excuses and reasons why they should not be in trouble. Your response should be firm and you should continue on track.

You: John, this is a verbal warning that if your attendance does not improve that you will face further disciplinary action. If it progresses, you will be terminated. From this point forward, your absences must be excused by a doctor’s note, and if you need time off that is unscheduled, you must request it at least 5 days prior. If your request is approved you will not receive any disciplinary action for your time off. It is important for you to realize that when you are absent, your co-workers must work harder to get the work done. You not only affect your paycheck when you miss, but it makes things harder for your co-workers.

At this stage, you need to bring out the positive. It is important to end the discipline with something positive about the employee.

You: John you are an excellent worker and I never have to re-check your work. You are one of the most valued assets our company has. I appreciate the work you do.

Once you have ended the verbal warning, make a note of it to be placed in the employee’s personnel file. Be sure to detail the conversation that you had with the employee and note what the employee has indicated that they will do to improve the situation.

If you follow the above format when giving an employee a verbal warning, you will have gotten your point across to the employee. You will have prevented the employee any embarrassment in front of his or her peers. Hopefully, the employee understands the importance of correcting his actions and will take steps to do so.

The next step in disciplining an employee is a “write-up”. This is a documented account of inappropriate action and should only come after the employee has been verbally warned. Please see part II of this article for handling the second step in employee discipline.

If you found this article useful, and would like to read more by this author, you can click on her name at the top of this page.

Bitcoin- Breakthrough for Assets

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Well this is going to be an interesting discussion as it involves a topic of great intrigue and one which has lasted nearly a decade but no definitive conclusion has been reached in 10 years.

There are numerous stories where you can read about the changing times and how this new discovery has set a benchmark in its field that it will be difficult for its peers to match it for the coming decades.

Bitcoin is a topic that can and has been talked about innumerable times but nobody can decide how and when it will prove its worth as it has given different kinds of fortunes for various people but its makers acknowledge the fact that it has indeed served its purpose.

Thumping Success

An interesting point of note is that it despite initial skepticism among the team members regarding its success among the general public, they still decided to go ahead with its launch in the majority of US states as they had this intuition within themselves that the youth would connect to it instantly.

Their intuition proved right as it became successful not only in the United States but the entire world but witnessed a decline in just a few years due to the fall in market value and has faced fluctuations numerous times.

The fed assets have achieved top ratings with a staggering $6.5T that has provided the perfect opportunity for traders to concentrate on bitcoin halving where the value is divided among the team.

Bitcoin Revolution Logo we have seen so many reviews on how it has highlighted the various aspects of cryptocurrency right from its fluctuating prices to the benefits and limitations based on the various ratings that the experts have given it.

As of 2020, bitcoin is at a steady pace and hopes to regain its glory of the past with thumping success in the offing for the coming decade.

How Should I Prepare for Bankruptcy?

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We would wholeheartedly endorse you going with a certified professional to aid you with your bankruptcy filing. The bankruptcy lawyer will be able to help you document every little detail in the bankruptcy filing and make sure you do not miss anything. One little misstep can make the difference if you are paying for the debt post bankruptcy or having it discharged with bankruptcy. You should not be wary of paying a bankruptcy lawyer $2,000-$3,000 for his/her services. The bankruptcy law is complex and should be left in the hands of the professionals who knows the law by heart. Filing bankruptcy with the right and qualified lawyer is significant, you can find one near you here. The preparation of the files will be excellent through the services of the san diego bankruptcy lawyer. The selection of the qualified lawyers should be done through the business person. 

You want to schedule that initial meeting with the lawyer once you have decided on a specific lawyer you would like to work with. When you are meeting with your bankruptcy lawyer, you want to review every individual financial hardship you are experiencing. Do not leave out any financial transaction from the bankruptcy lawyer because it can be difference of the debt being discharged or not. Your bankruptcy lawyer is there to answer any question you might have regarding your bankruptcy petition. Since Chapter 7 bankruptcy is the favored choice to file for bankruptcy, your lawyer will most likely try to get you to qualify for chapter 7 before even thinking about Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

When you work with your bankruptcy lawyer, you want to make sure that your lawyer knows about all the creditors that you owe money to. Supply the lawyer with the statements of these creditors so that the lawyer can include the debt as part of the bankruptcy filing. After you have given all the financial facts to your lawyer, he/she should be able to make the conclusion if you can apply for Chapter 7 bankruptcy or Chapter 13. The lawyer will try to get you qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection. The quick test is to make sure that your income for the last 6 months is at or below the state’s median income level. Once the lawyer can demonstrate that your income in the last 6 months is at or below the state’s median income level, you have just been qualified to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Even if you are earning more than the state’s median income level, your lawyer can still execute the “means test” to get you Chapter 7 eligible. The “means test” is a comprehensive analysis using your income, assets, debts and certified expenses. You are eligible to subtract qualified expenses from your income, hence making you eligible for the Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing.

If your bankruptcy lawyer determines that you cannot file Chapter 7 bankruptcy, there is always Chapter 13 bankruptcy. The difference with Chapter 13 bankruptcy is that you will have to pay back a percentage of your debt within 60 months. Discharge in Chapter 13 bankruptcy occurs when the debtor has paid off the creditors according to the debt repayment plan agreed upon in the bankruptcy court. When that happens, the debtor becomes the lawful owner of the assets that has been paid off.

How to Clean Your House and Keep it Clean

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“Go, go, go” seems to be the motto in this fast pace and busy world. No one has time these days so everything is fast food, kids don’t get attention from parents, and house cleaning gets neglected for too long. I won’t tell you how to avoid fast food, nor how to give the kid’s more attention despite the fact that both are very important, but I will tell you how to clean your house and keep it clean no matter how much time you have (or don’t have).

The first thing you need to do is grab a cup of coffee or tea, a notebook, pencil, and possibly even a calendar you can write on. (The calendar isn’t a must, but it might help you out). Once you have your items ready, take a seat at the table and write down all of the rooms in your house. Be sure you skip a few lines between rooms so you can add in what I’m about to tell you next. In cleaning your house, you certainly wont need dumpster rental Lakeland, FL. All you need is just little creativity and you can keep the orderliness and cleanliness of your house. So without any further ado, let us get started and let us promote a clean and organized space at home.

Once you’ve got your list of rooms down, write down certain projects in each room that needs to be taken care off. This includes things like dusting, organizing the file cabinet, scrubbing the mildew off of the shower walls; something specific to that room. I know this list may look time consuming and will probably scare you, but stick with me and it won’t look so bad. You will have your doubts about getting the list done but fear not for over time it will get smaller and easier.

Now that you have your list of jobs for the house, it’s time to prioritize. I would tell you what chore you should do first, but I can’t. Why? Simply because we all have different needs. For some people, the bathroom is the one that needs to be done first, while other’s it is their bedroom or the living room even…whatever it may be, prioritize your entire list. What rooms, or special projects around the house should be done first, second, third, and so on until you have the whole list prioritized. If there are some short jobs that you don’t really care when they get done, you would just like them done eventually, then throw them in a separate column, they’ll come in handy later. If you have a calendar, you can go on ahead and map out what days you’ll do each project, otherwise, you are done for the day! Finish up that last sip of coffee and call it a day.

The next day is when you’ll actually start your cleaning. There are some people who feel they just don’t have any time, if you are like that, then I’d suggest you take a look at the things you do. What eats up your time? Work is a big one, as well as having a social life. For many, school is added to the list also. What about the things that you don’t have to do and probably isn’t even good for you or just shouldn’t be done for as long as you tend to take? I’m talking about time in front of the TV, playing video games, spending pointless hours on the internet. I’m not going to tell you to completely stop doing all of those, but look at how much time you spend doing things and see if you can cut back even 15 minutes. This will give you 15 extra minutes towards your daily cleaning projects.

Once you know how much time you can spend cleaning and you know what things you will cut back on, it’s time to actually clean. Start at the top of our list and just knock things off one day at a time. You can do a lot of cleaning with only 15-20 minutes of spare time in a day. You can even multitask. On the phone? Do some light dusting while you’re at it. Cooking dinner? Clean up while you cook, it’ll save you from spending a lot of time in the kitchen after you eat. Little things like that add up and over time you’ll see your house become much cleaner than you realized it could be. Best of all, once you’ve completed each project, all you have to do is go back over the same list but not have to spend as much time on it. What may have taken you 30 minutes dusting a room, may only take 5-10 minutes now because it’s not as dirty. What does this mean? You can take care of 2-3 projects each day every day, or do a few projects one day, take the next day off, do a few more another day, take the next day off, and continue on for the rest of your life not having to spend a lot of time cleaning again! Unexpected company? Not a problem anymore! Sure, you’ll have to spend an occasional Saturday getting done larger projects that need to be done every so many months, or spend part of the day doing a thorough cleaning of the house, but it won’t take as long or be as difficult if you keep up with things during the week.

Follow these simple steps and soon your house will be much easier to clean. Remember, even if you only have 15 minutes a day to spare, put it to good use. If you ever find yourself working too hard, just trade out a harder job for a simpler one like the ones in that separate column I told you to write earlier. It’ll give you a break for a day so you come back refreshed the next. All it takes is that first step, once you get going, you’ll be able to keep up with it.

Hunting and Firearm Resources for Women

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Hunting and shooting aren’t relegated to men only. More women are taking to the ranges and hunting grounds, but not all of them were raised around guns or have people in their lives from whom to learn. Below are resources for women to learn hunting and firearms skills in a comfortable atmosphere as well as suggestions to find outdoor gear. For women, the thermal scopes reviews by will be beneficial for the person. The experience of the hunting will be excellent for women without spending of extra charges. 

Instruction in Firearms and Hunting

Here are a few of the local and national programs available in the USA for women to learn how to use firearms and hunt:

  1. Becoming an Outdoors-Woman:
    This program, also known as BOW for short, began in 1991 and was sponsored by the University of Wisconsin. BOW is dedicated to teaching women outdoor skills including hunting and shooting as well as camping, fishing, hiking, canoeing and survival training. They’re also a proponent of training women with disabilities. They hold workshops throughout North America and are spreading to other countries. To learn more and find a local workshop, visit the Becoming an Outdoors-Woman website.
  2. Department of Natural Resources by state:
    An often overlooked but valuable resource to learn about outdoor skills is the DNR. Each state has different programs, some of which include hunting with bows and guns along with firearms safety training. Information can be found on the internet by doing a search for the specific state’s DNR office.
  3. Local conservation clubs and parks:
    Many conservation organizations are dedicated to encouraging responsible hunting behavior including safe gun use and have a family atmosphere. These clubs will often have ranges for archery and firearms. State parks may also have ranges for practice. In fact, conservation clubs and parks are often the locations for events sponsored by the other organizations mentioned in this article.
  4. National Rifle Association’s Women On Target Program:
    According to the NRA website, the organization has over 4 million members and are the top firearms education sponsor in the world. This includes training for women through their Women on Target Program. They sponsor instructional shooting clinics that include training in pistol, shotgun, rifle and archery depending on the clinic. They also host women-only hunting trips. To learn more about times and locations of these events, visit the women’s programs page on the NRA website.

Outdoor Sports Outfitters That Provide Gear for Women

Before the advent of large sports outfitters, women often wore men’s clothing for their outdoor activities. Times have changed and there are many more options available for a better fit including those below.

  • Two large, well-known outfitters are Cabela’s and Gander Mountain which both have retail locations as well as online and catalog shopping. Both sell firearms, bow hunting equipment and clothing, so women can make it their one-stop outfitting experience.
  • The NRA’s website has a listing of their National Business Alliance partners and is another good resource to find outfitters and gun shops in the United States.

More Choices for Women Hunters

The popularity of the programs mentioned as well as the growing selection of outdoor gear for women is a sure sign that they don’t have to feel alone when it comes to learning how to use firearms. Women have more of a choice than ever to learn about hunting and shooting in an atmosphere that is encouraging to them.

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