Small Business Owner’s Guide to Employee Discipline: Verbal Warnings

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Employee discipline is a difficult task for any Human Resources manager. It is an inevitable part of business. One of the many hats that I wear in my current occupation is Human Resources Manager. While it is not one of 

Bitcoin- Breakthrough for Assets

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Well this is going to be an interesting discussion as it involves a topic of great intrigue and one which has lasted nearly a decade but no definitive conclusion has been reached in 10 years. There are numerous stories where 

How Should I Prepare for Bankruptcy?

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We would wholeheartedly endorse you going with a certified professional to aid you with your bankruptcy filing. The bankruptcy lawyer will be able to help you document every little detail in the bankruptcy filing and make sure you do not 

How to Clean Your House and Keep it Clean

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“Go, go, go” seems to be the motto in this fast pace and busy world. No one has time these days so everything is fast food, kids don’t get attention from parents, and house cleaning gets neglected for too long. 

Hunting and Firearm Resources for Women

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Hunting and shooting aren’t relegated to men only. More women are taking to the ranges and hunting grounds, but not all of them were raised around guns or have people in their lives from whom to learn. Below are resources 

What is Video Mystery Shopping?

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Video mystery shopping is nothing but regular anonymous shopping with the difference being that the shopper carries a miniature-recording device during the assignment. Used for quality assurance purposes by employers, this popular technique uncovers the gaps in the customer experience 

How to Groom a Westie Dog

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What is a Westie? A Westie dog is is a part of the terrier breed. This dog is very cute and loves to run around. A Westie is a smaller breed of dog and usually weighs on average about 18 

CBD Oil- Long Lasting Effects for Health Betterment

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Health is a major concern for people as the corona virus pandemic has wreaked havoc all over the world and with the rapid increase in the number of cases and deaths each day, there is a panic among the folks 

Computer Originated Relationships?

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Without naming any particular web site I want to explore what we refer to as “On Line Dating Sites.” In the past few years I have watched as these sites began to pop up across the Internet. Imagine that, looking 

Tips and Techniques to Help You Paint like a Professional

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Painting a room yourself can be a very gratifying and cost-saving adventure. Of course, the end result will determine whether or not this statement is true. But by just following these few words of advice and tips, you can become 

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