Be the Next Big Designer on Project Runway

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Dream of watching your collection go down the catwalk? Think you have what it takes to be the next great fashion designer? Well you’re in luck — open casting calls for the hit Bravo TV show Project Runway are happening soon.

For those of you who have been out of the loop for the past three seasons, Project Runway is a show that sets aspiring fashion designers against one another for the chance to win a runway show during New York City’s illustrious Fashion Week, and money to help start their own design house. You can watch this popular show on cat mouse apk as well. You will learn all about the show as you watch here. This is how you can prepare yourself as you prepare yourself to be a part of the show.

These open casting calls only take place in four major US cities–Los Angeles (March 30th, 31st, and April 1st), Chicago (April 3rd), Miami (April 5th), and New York City (April 7th, 8th, and 9th). In order to be considered for the show, you have to attend one of the open casting calls. Project Runway Producers and former cast members will be there to review your designs, so come prepared to impress!

Applicants are asked to come with three garments they’ve designed themselves. Carefully consider the items of clothing you wish to bring. Not only should you take into account how innovative your design is, but also pay attention to the quality of construction. All Project Runway designers are required to sew their own garments, so poor technical skills may put you at the bottom of the pile.

It is also necessary to bring along a photo portfolio of your design work. When choosing photos, be sure to pick the designs that you feel best represent your own ideas of style. Designers who come with a portfolio full of clothing that has been done season after season don’t have a strong chance of being picked for the show. The producers are looking for designers who can being fresh ideas into the fashion world.

In a perfect world, all participants would be picked based on the merit of their designs alone, but it is important to remember that Project Runway is a television show, one of the highest-watched shows on Bravo. So, while your designs may be innovative and unique, if you have a bland, so-so attitude, you may not be asked to be on the show. This isn’t to suggest you should change your personality for the casting call-actually, presenting yourself as someone you’re not will probably just have negative effects later. Instead, just try to be the best you possible. Get plenty of sleep before the casting call so you’ll be energetic and excited to be there.

Casting calls are coming up soon, so be sure to get your portfolio and samples ready! You can find all the rules and application materials online at

Everything You Need To Know About Optical Coatings For Glass Substrates!

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While considering the ITO, we need different dielectric layers so that it helps in maintain the structural strength of the surface. It is used as electrical isolation, which is referred to as an anti-reflection coating. You can also use it electrically for the enhanced requirement. It is used for the purpose of anti-reflection so that electrically transmits the layers on that surface.

If you are using glass optics, then it will help you to deposit the right coating material on the shield. It is always beneficial for you to go with the coating material, which is lightweight and have a minimal wavelength. As a reason, if you consider the product with a higher wavelength, then it will decrease the finish on to the shield.

Some essential information:

You can also consider the Evaporated Coatings – Optical Coatings Supplier as they will guide you with the right coating material and stanza through which it will become convenient for you. These are some important terms which one should keep in their mind while applying and rendering the coating material on the surface.

Theirs comes to a resisting area in which a minimal amount of coating is used on the surface, and you can not apply more shield or coating on that surface. Following these criteria, it becomes easy and reliable to go through these things. You can enhance the stability as well as the durability of the coating area in which you need to apply to a plate.

Last words,

There are multiple angles in which coating is applied, and for this, you need to choose the right path and wavelength. By considering ECI, different themes are designed for accommodating shields and to generate the coating material and shields on the surface. All the information is listed in the above section, so go towards the coating material wisely.



The facts that must be kept in mind while vaping CBD oil

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CBD also known as Cannabidiol, is one of the most confusing elements as it has many health benefits doubtlessly. On the other side, there are health hazards also which are warned not by the researchers only but also legal committees of different countries. Hence the legal status of CBD is still under scrutiny.

However, for a common man, there are many things which need to be known and also keep in mind which are not yet known. One of them is the legal status while there are also some other points which are mentioned here.

It is a great pain reliever: CBD is known for its quality to relieve muscles and hence prove as a great pain reliever compared to many others which are presently used in the market. One can try the best CBD Juul POD to see the effects. 

It can be used as stress buster: One can find the CBD as a great stress buster and also help to relieve from stress and anxiety.

It can make the blood thin: The use of CBD can lead to thin the blood. Hence in some situations, it is not allowed by the experts. Those who suffer from cardiac troubles must avoid the use of CBD in any form.

CBD oil is used in different ways, and most of the users prefer to vape in the form of oil. The extracts of CBD oil can make one feel great relief, but as mentioned above in some cases, it is not considered as safe for the health of the users. However, to avail the benefits of CBD consumption use of the same in oil form and vaping can lead to the quick effect. If it is used in a limited amount, CBD can prove as a great option to relieve from pain and stress. 

3 Best Family Tents to Invest in This Year

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Camping trips with family are fun and leave you with wonderful memories to cherish forever. Are you too on plans to have a camping trip with family sometime soon? Now, that’s simply awesome and it would be some of the most magical moments for all of you. But, before you set out, the main thing you will need in camping tent. Well, there are plenty of family tents in the market today- so much so – that you will be spoilt for choices. But, no worries; here is a brief on a curated list of best family tents for you.

Twin Peaks from Chinook for 6-people

As the name says, the dome tent comes with two compartments, separated by one inner door. So, if you are looking for a tent that will have separate room for your kids, you might count on this one. It’s a 6-person tent and will comfortably accommodate 4 people.

Besides, this is one of the best waterproof tents available in the market today. Twin Peaks promises a solid waterproof rating of 2000mm. It boasts a strong full-coverage fly which features zippers that can be opened for large windows.

Wenzel Eldorado

If you are looking for the best large family tents, this one should be in your list. You have a 2-room cabin style tent here with a single entry door which claims to accommodate up till 8 people. Interestingly, the tent carries a flexible convertible design and its screen carries zippered panels. This way you can utilize it as another room.

With 86” of height, this is also one among the tallest tents in the market today. The tent carries E-cable port.

Instant cabin styleby Ozark Trail

You have a completely floored and well protected cabin style tent here which would be wonderful for your family camping trips. This instant tent is equipped with in-built lights which means you won’t need to use your emergency light here. Its steel frame assures great sturdiness and you have a tent here that will last you years. The tent also features 7 windows, 2 doors and makes place for as many as 10 people.

The Lessons Learned from Lost Luggage: Dealing with Airline Apathy

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I was a young soldier taking only the third flight of my life, going from California to Texas via the now-defunct American Airlines. I arrived in Texas on time. My luggage, I was told, remained in California. A very perky customer service representative told me I should go ahead and take a cab to the base. My luggage would be delivered in a couple of hours.

Looking through my youthful and inexperienced perspective, the lost luggage did not cause immediate alarm. I would meet my new bosses, take a look at the living quarters and be reunited with my belongings before supper.

You know that’s not how this story ends. And I realized that the ending would be different when I told my First Sargent. His reply? “You’re the fourth person this week.” He then shoved a form in my hand to complete for an emergency stipend. Here’s the conversation that followed:

“But, First Sargent, the airline said I should have my lost luggage before supper.”

“They lied. Fill that out now and we can get you cash for underwear and a set of BDUs before AAFES closes.”

“But, I’m sure my lost luggage -”

“Listen, you’ll probably never see that luggage again. Fill out the form and head out.”

I did as I was told. Then, I thought about the two missing bags of luggage. One wasn’t a big loss, as it contained mostly clothing that could easily be replaced. And, assuming American Airlines would foot the bill, I could honestly use a style update.

The thought of losing the other suitcase sent me into a panic. Before leaving California, I had decided to trust American Airlines over the U.S. Postal Service or the military movies. That second suitcase was filled with two boxes of photos I had inherited a few months earlier from my grandmother. A small jewelry case in the zipper pocket contained all of my jewelry, including my mother’s class ring. Also thrown in was everything from my college transcript to an address book with contact information for everyone I’d ever met. It gets worse: my best music, compiled on 20 cassette tapes, was also missing.

To put it in perspective for the 20-somethings out there, I’d just lost my iPhone, my laptop and my cell phone. And, thanks to my First Sergeant’s brutal realism, I faced the fact that these treasures might be gone for good.

The emergency stipend was a lifesaver. My luggage didn’t come that night, or the next day. While my first Sergeant encouraged me to forget about the lost luggage and file a claim, I knew my luggage was somewhere in the American Airlines system. After the duty day ended, I went back to the customer service desk everyday, in my Class A’s, to plead for my luggage. I refused to take a check. I stayed in baggage claims until 9 p.m. one night waiting to speak to the American Airlines lost luggage manager. I wrote and faxed many letters.

And twelve days after I arrived in Texas, my lost baggage finally made it. The whole set of luggage – even the overnight bag – arrived looking great! (Back then, you only had to pay if your luggage weighed like 500 pounds.) And those precious heirlooms were still safely wrapped in the second suitcase.

Since then, I’ve flown probably 50 more flights. And my luggage has arrived late more times than I can count. But I’ve never lost sleep over lost luggage since that first experience. Here’s why:

  1. I no longer trust family heirlooms and important papers to any airline. I try to carry all that I can with me.
  2. Other items go insured by FedEx. I use this now primarily for important documents that need to make it home even if I don’t. Most hotels have FedEx stations in the lobby. Use these for a worry-free transport.
  3. Everything I send is insured. The items are irreplaceable, so the monetary value of the insurance isn’t secondary. Tracking systems are the real reason I buy insurance now. When an item is insured, handlers treat it differently. Signatures are required every time the package changes hands. That gives me great peace of mind.
  4. After my First Sargent mentioned what my mom always thought were “unmentionables,” I vowed never to be without them. So, my carry on no longer contains books, stationary, snacks (maybe a few). I have a nightgown and a complete change of clothes. My strategy went from packing to avoid boredom to packing for a few days survival at my destination.
  5. Don’t take no for an answer, even if the customer service representative goes from perky to downright angry. Show up in person everyday at the local airport, but also begin contacting those in higher positions with the airlines.
  6. Use any sympathy points you might have in your favor. Being able to get your baggage quickly based solely on principal should be the natural way, but it’s not. For me, being a soldier in a uniform sent powerful messages that I didn’t have to verbalize: Service member, far from home, new city. Are you traveling with young children? Are you traveling because of a family emergency? Is this the first vacation your family has had in 10 years? Use whatever factors that make your case special.

Losing your luggage at the airport or onboard flight is quite a common thing these days but still people hardly exercise caution even after repeated incidents taking place every other day and when they go through the same ordeal, the realization dawns on them and by then it is too late. To be careful in the future, it is quite better to buy reisikohver ratastega as they are quite large in size and can be dragged along rather than carrying around.

Possible Causes of Lower Digestive Tract Bleeding

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Lower digestive tract bleeding is not an actual medical condition, but a symptom. It often indicates a serious problem. The lower digestive tract consists of the rectum, colon and anus. Some of the more common causes of lower digestive tract bleeding include hemorrhoids, anal fissures, diverticular disease, colon polyps, Crohn’s disease, colorectal cancer, ulcerative colitis. The megaspore pro biotic component can have side effects on the body of the person. The consumption should be under the supervision of the doctor for killing the germs.

Possible Causes of Lower Digestive Tract Bleeding: Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are considered the most common cause of lower digestive tract bleeding. A hemorrhoid is a swollen vein that develops in the anal canal. In most cases, this condition is not serious but it can often be painful. If you have hemorrhoids you will often notice bright red blood in the toilet or on the toilet tissue after having a bowel movement.

Possible Causes of Lower Digestive Tract Bleeding: Anal Fissures

An anal fissure occurs when the lower rectum lining is torn. This is also a common problem and in most cases it is not serious. If you have an anal fissure you will most likely experience a sharp, burning or stinging pain when you are having a bowel movement. This pain may last several hours after a bowel movement and can be severe. If you have an anal fissure you may also notice some bright red blood in the toilet or on toilet tissue after having a bowel movement.

Possible Causes of Lower Digestive Tract Bleeding: Colon Polyps

Colon polyps can cause bleeding and they can also be a cancer precursor. Colon polyps form from the large intestine lining, also referred to as the colon lining. A colon polyp can be benign or malignant. Flat colon polyps are more likely to be malignant then raised colon polyps.

Possible Causes of Lower Digestive Tract Bleeding: Ulcerative Colitis

Ulcerative colitis is a condition in which chronic inflammation affects the lining of the rectum and colon. This condition is characterized by small abscesses and tiny ulcers in the rectum and colon that periodically flare up. When you experience a flare up bloody diarrhea and bloody stools are common.

Possible Causes of Lower Digestive Tract Bleeding: Crohn’s Disease

Crohn’s disease is a condition characterized by inflammation within the small intestine. This disease most often affects the lower area of the small intestine. The inflammation penetrates deep into the affected organs lining. This disease often leads to diarrhea because the intestines are frequently emptying, pain and rectal bleeding.

Possible Causes of Lower Digestive Tract Bleeding: Colorectal Cancer

Colorectal cancer is a type of cancer that affects the colon and rectum. The polyps present in this type of cancer often produce occult bleeding or bright red blood. In some cases, the bleeding associated with this cancer is not visible to the naked eye. This type of cancer is the third most common cancer in the United States.

Possible Causes of Lower Digestive Tract Bleeding: Diverticular Disease

This condition is caused by outpouchings that develop on the wall of the colon. Those with this condition may experience blood vessel abnormalities of the colon. These abnormalities may lead to recurrent bleeding.

3d illustration. Digestive System, anatomy detail

Coaching Carousel: New Head Coaches in Denver and Indianapolis

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We have two teams with two new coaches today. The Denver Broncos have hired Patriots Offensive Coordinator Josh McDaniels as their next head coach and the Colts have announced Head Coach Tony Dungy is retiring from football after 13 seasons. Dungy will be replaced from within the Colts organization with associate head coach Jim Caldwell.

McDaniels, 32, was offered the job late Sunday night. First year head coaches with no previous head coaching experience typically receive a salary around $2 million. McDaniels is expected to receive a four or five-year contract with the Broncos. He was the only candidate to receive a second interview which lasted six hours with Broncos Chief Operating Officer Joe Ellis.

McDaniels became the Patriots Offensive Coordinator in 2006. In 2007, his offense set NFL records by scoring 75 touchdowns and 589 points. He is considered one of the great young minds in football. Jay Cutler and the Broncos offense could put up monster numbers in 2009 under McDaniels offense. The Broncos could possibly be in the bidding to get Giants RB Brandon Jacobs in free agency. Jacobs would be a great fit in the Broncos offense with Cutler and Marshall.

McDaniels will also be asked to fix a Broncos 4-3 defense that has been horrible the past two seasons. Denver finished the 2008 season ranked 30th in points allowed (28.0 points per game) and 29th in total yards against (374.6 yards per game). Now would be the time to switch to the 3-4 and get the right personnel through the draft and through free agency this spring. The Broncos are looking for a new defensive coordinator. The Broncos will more than likely hire former 49ers Head Coach Mike Nolan as Defensive Coordinator, Nolan was a Broncos Defensive Coordinator under Dan Reeves and Wade Phillips in the 90’s.

In Indianapolis, the Colts are saying goodbye to Tony Dungy as he decided to retire after 12 seasons of coaching. Dungy walks away as the most successful coach in Colts history with an overall record of 92-33 with one Super Bowl victory over the Bears. He coached his team to seven straight playoff appearances in his seven years in Indianapolis. Dungy is the only coach since the 1970 NFL/AFL merger to direct a team to the playoffs in ten consecutive seasons.

The Colts now turn to associate head coach Jim Caldwell to lead this team as the next head coach. Caldwell, 53, has been in line to succeed Dungy since he was promoted to associate head coach a year ago on January 21, 2008. He spent the first three seasons as the Colts quarterbacks coach before earning the title of assistant head coach prior to the 2005 season.

Caldwell will have a busy offseason and plenty of decisions that will have to be made regarding personnel on offense and defense. The Colts will need to decide if wide receiver Marvin Harrison will be back for the 2009 season. Harrison will be making a $9 million base salary in 2009 and will count $13.4 million against the Colts salary cap.

Indianapolis may address their other needs through free agency and the draft. If Harrison is let go, they will need another receiver to complement Reggie Wayne and Anthony Gonzalez. The Colts other needs include getting a defensive tackle through the draft or free agency, offensive lineman (Jeff Saturday’s future is uncertain with the team – free agent), cornerback and backup running back to help Joseph Addai. The Colts fielded one of the least productive running attacks in club history. They averaged 79.6 yards per game average with 11 touchdowns.

The football coach is of extreme significance as it is his job to mould the players into expert footballers by honing and polishing their skills and bring out the player lying dormant within them with regular practice and training. The football index referral code from the site called referral code is a good beginning for budding footballers to learn the basics.

How To Make Money In Runescape In Brief!

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Welcome to this guide! This guide will prove to be a useful tool in your quest for profits.

Money-Making Methods

1) Skill-based Profit

As the name suggests, this is making money off your skills. This is probably the safest method to make money there is. However, this takes quite some time to train. It all depends on your methods. Based on a study conducted by a Runescape player, it is possible to earn about 45,000 to 50,000 mining experience within an hour. If you were focused enough, you could get a mining level of 60 or above within weeks, or maybe days.

This may seem appealing to many players who wish to earn money, and I say this is not a bad option to choose. However, what many players fail to see is that even with these skills, their profits are still largely based on the market price of that item. Well, at least you won’t make a total loss if the item you produce suddenly loses value, because your items will always be worth something.

Skill based profiteering becomes very useful at high levels eg. Mining adamantite ore in the wilderness at 1000 gp per ore, which means 28,000 gp per inventory (did you know a person’s inventory can only contain 28 items?). Still pretty fast.

2) Merchanting

What is merchanting? Basically, it means buying items at the lowest possible price and selling them at the highest possible price, for maximum profit. This is, without doubt, the quickest way to earn money in Runescape, but it is the most dangerous. Let’s use an illustration to help us understand this.

Let us assume I have a rune scimitar. Based on the market prices at this time (12th June 08) the lowest price for one is 15,080 gp. If I buy one at that price and sell it at its maximum price, 16,115 gp, I would have made roughly 1000gp. This may seem little, but what if i bought 100 rune scimitars instead? That would lead to a 100,000 gp profit. This makes this method so quick. This method is also very dangerous, as fluctuations in price could easily lead to great losses for you eg. Rune scimitars suddenly lose value and are sold at a maximum price of 14,000 gp. Bad for me if I bought 100 Rune scimitars at 15,080 gp, I would then suffer a 100,000 gp loss should I sell the scimitars.

With the introduction of the Grand Exchange, many would think that their profits would now have been very limited. Actually, no! You just need a bit more base cash (the money you start with) to buy more items to make up for the loss of profit. This, however, is a small price to pay for an automated exchange, saving you the time of going to the bank and shouting,” Big bones for 400gp!” over and over again.

3) Hybrid

With a combination of skills and merchanting you can play Situs Judi Bola and can even bet on the games you love to play, one could make a tidy sum. For example, iron ore sells for roughly 95gp, and coal sells for 185 gp. Two coal ores and one iron ore smelted together gives you steel ore, which surprisingly is worth 600+gp, giving you 135gp profit. It may seem little, but buying large amounts of ores might prove to be more effective. This method is safer then merchanting but guarantees slightly smaller profits.

In conclusion, the basic skill needed for all this money-making is observation. Simple enough, no? Yet many limit their own profits by not doing this. Watch the trends, calculate the profit margins and you’ll be making tidy sums in no time!

Things To Consider If You Want To Start Trading Bitcoin

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Cryptocurrency has been with us for quite some time now, but it was only around 2017 when the world took great notice of its presence, thanks in part to Bitcoin’s historic rise in value amounting to almost $20,000. This pivotal moment in cryptocurrency has put it in front of various headlines all over the world, making numerous finance experts take notice of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency in general.

This surge in popularity has led to a sudden rise of traders, investors, and consumers to utilize Bitcoin and other digital currencies for investments, trading, and various transactions. Though the value of Bitcoin has since gone down, its popularity among many people has never really wavered, with many wanting to enter and start Bitcoin trading up in platforms like Bitcoin Revolution until today.

If you’re one of those individuals thinking of starting Bitcoin trading, here are some things and tips you need to consider:

Familiarize yourself with technical analysis

It’s no secret that trading in Bitcoin, much like any other trading platforms, will require some degree of technical knowledge in finance and trade. What makes Bitcoin unique is since it has no governing body influencing its value, any events relating to it can have unpredictable impacts towards its value.

Having enough knowledge on technical analysis will help beginner traders to stay relevant in Bitcoin trading, being able to extrapolate how the market will behave based on key indicators and price chart analysis.

Stay updated with News concerning Bitcoin

While technical knowledge in trading and analysis is required to successfully trade Bitcoin, equally important is staying update on news about it. Like what was mentioned earlier, Bitcoin’s unique structure makes it vulnerable to drastic changes in value caused by sporadic events. Being updated with recent news concerning Bitcoin will make you aware on how the market will behave and will influence greatly your moves and decision in Bitcoin trading.

How to Make a Unique Wedding Day Newsletter

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There are many ways that a couple can make their wedding day unique and one of easiest way can be having a lancaster wedding djs for their special moments. One way that has always stood out to me is to make your own unique wedding day newsletter. Some make the newsletters as an engagement announcement but having these at your wedding is a nice treat for your guests. What is really nice about this newsletter is that it will help to add a little something extra to the tables and you can make them yourself.


You will need to visit your local stationary store and pick out some decorative paper. The paper you choose should have a nice decorative border that matches nicely with your overall wedding theme. You will also need to purchase some thin ribbon that matches your wedding colors. Pick up at least 1 large roll of ribbon for each 15 guests. Once you have you items all you need next I a computer and a printer. You will need to figure out what you want to put in your newsletter. Many brides and grooms choose to of course have a photo of themselves on the front. You can easily take this pictures with your own camera and download it to your computer.


Then just insert the picture onto the blank screen you are using to create the newsletter. You can then print in big bold letters on top of the newsletter “Thank You”. This can be your way of thanking your guests for attending your special day. In the newsletter you can also include a brief summary of how you met, and fell in love. Be sure to include the names of both parents and of course the bridal party. They will all be thrilled to be included in your newsletter. You can write down brief special messages to all of them and to anyone else who may have assisted with your special wedding day. Your newsletter only needs to be about one page long. If it comes out longer than one page, try to see if you can get it to fit onto just one page.


When you are all done you can start printing out the newsletters. You will need one newsletter per guests. After they are all printed make sure that the ink on all of them has dried. Sometimes the ink can be runny depending on the type of printer that you have. Then you will want to carefully roll them up so that the front of the newsletter is showing. Gently tie the ribbon around the rolled dup newsletter into a nice bow. These can be placed in front of each table setting. If you want to make it even fancier you can use plain note card and print out the words “Read Me” on them. Then hole punch the little cards on top and use the ribbon to tie them onto the newsletter. When placing them on the table you can arrange them so that the little “Read Me” tag is showing. Remember to be creative and try to make your wedding day unique.


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