Bitcoins- A Revolutionary Juggernaut

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It becomes extremely difficult to choose a topic to write on. There are many people around the world who are excellent writers who have established themselves as pillars in this field.

They are the ones who are revered, adored and idolized by budding writers and rookies. Right from William Shakespeare to JK Rowling, these are individuals who command a certain degree of respect in the world of writing and whose names have gone down in history in golden words.

A good writer is one who does not copy/plagiarize the work of others. Rather, he uses the incidents from his own life (both positive and negative) and that of his near and dear ones to use them as inspirations for his work.

It is his caliber and genius, that he moulds these situations to his advantage and pen it down on paper in the form of writing. Writers delve into emotions by plunging into the deep ocean of thoughts in the mind and come out with pearls and diamonds in the form of words.

One such topic that is quite interesting to write about, is the revolution of bitcoin. Now, it is one that has been discussed and written time and again with everyone adding their own twists and turns in order to make it more interesting to read.

Bitcoin is a crypto-currency (read digital currency), launched in 2009, that is transferred amongst its users across different parts of the world for doing financial transactions.

Crypto-currency is a unique platform that came into being through the technique of cryptography, which involves the study of devising methods that prevent outsiders or third party individuals from deciphering private and confidential data.

Just navigate to these guys who are experts in this field and who will tell you about the unique process of buying more bitcoins that has changed many lives. The bitcoin circuit is the trading platform where such transactions are made.

Definition Of Bitcoin And Its Importance

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The digital currency Bitcoin is a distributed currency, which is sent from user to user as an agent or central regulatory authority to a peer-to-peer network. In order to verify and protect transactions, cryptocurrency use cryptography. Bitcoin is the first electronic payment system to be developed in cryptocurrency. Discovery of bitcoin is one of the most important modes of online trade in today’s world. Apart from being a digital currency, it’s a reliable token for transferring funds by using powerful cryptographic protocols. Millions of investors put their hard earned money in bitcoins.

Today it’s considered as a reliable too for transparent online trading due to its following features:

  • Seamless transactions via peer to peer network which is replicated by every node, reaching maximum percentage within a limited time span.
  • No need of any central authority or bank to observe or closely monitor the transactions as the transaction records are smartly recorded within the blockchain encrypted format
  • Instant cashback paybacks, value based financial units are always easy to avail in bitcoin for instantly conducting online transactions instead of cash based online transfers.

Brief look back to its history

BTC was first ever used in exchange for two pizzas bought by Laszlo Hanyecz. On Feb 9 2011 Bitcoin Evolution attained parity with US Dollar at a ratio of 1:1. It was a milestone for an innovative invention that was equivalent to any online transaction which does not need bank accounts to get involved for an online payment between two entities.

Here are the features that make it an indispensible part of the investment market:

  • Efficiency
  • Security
  • Trustworthy
  • Deflationary
  • Time Saving

Therefore, investing on bitcoin is the best decision that you can make. If you want to invest on it, go for it without delay. Bitcoin is indeed worth investing.

Broke your glass and needed a fix?

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A crash, why even a hard knock is enough for your glass to crack up and sometimes even break into a hundred pieces. Glass is among the most sensitive and fragile materials on Earth. Therefore, care has to be taken to treat it well with lots of care.

What are the different types of glass repair that you might need?

  1. Repairing auto glass

Remember certain movies? Through highway chases, cars and trucks lose their windshields and windows. How would you feel seeing even the slightest crack on your vehicle’s glass surface? A small crack will lead to massive issues later. If after a basic cleaning, it can be fixed, then resin is added to the surface under ultraviolet rays to help smoothen the crack. However, if it is not fixable, then you have to change your windshield or window, as per necessity.

  1. Broken window repair at home

When it comes to glass at home, it is everywhere. If you have young children home, then you have to be careful about them running around and accidentally knocking the glass causing it to have a fissure. Sometimes your glass can start becoming foggy overtime. In these cases, you might have to change the pane.

  1. Repairing glass for commercial places.

If you have an office space, then the kind of glass that you will have to use and the kind of repair that you have to get done is different. You may include bullet or blast-resistant glass panes which will help provide protection for the employees in times of any natural disaster.

Although one of the most fragile materials on Earth, a broken glass can be the worst weapon that can be used. Be very careful, and make sure you repair even the smallest fissures as quickly as possible.

How to Get that Gwen Stefani Look

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Everybody nowadays wants to look hot. Problem is, not many understand the inner complexities of fashion – there’s a mix of the unattainable/attainable and, when it works, it can prove to be very successful. Consider our subject, Gwen Stefani. First and foremost, Gwen Stefani has a limitless amount of capital to throw at exclusive designers around the globe. Second, Gwen Stefani also has a team of stylists to send to upscale boutiques. Most importantly, Gwen Stefani already defines the look she’s invested in Abaya, to look different during the time of functions and awards ceremony, which cost’s her really high. 

Now, I’m sure you’re thinking all of these things are unattainable. This is not true. Instead, you should consider these things unnecessary. Even to the one and only Gwen Stefani, the idyllic stylist is unattainable; there are only so many boutiques, even fewer designers, and that definitive look will eventually run out. Everybody wants to rule the world, right? 

Well you can too. I stress this: you can. This article isn’t necessarily about emulating Gwen Stefani, nor about ripping her off. Although there will be pointers on accumulating the wanton goods – shoes, sunglasses, jackets, tank tops – reading this will prove to be meaningless if you cannot first attain the proper fashion philosophy. 

Now, do you really think you need what Gwen Stefani has to succeed in pulling off a good look for yourself? Of course not. And if you do, I don’t blame you; it’s easy enough to be fooled by contemporary trends that are depicted in the media, specifically television. People whom push trends do it for a reason; they want the trends to be out of reach for the average person and then, when the trend is finally available to them, the trend dies. 

Have you noticed anything about Gwen Stefani and the trends she follows? Exactly – she doesn’t follow trends, she simply makes them. This doesn’t mean she puts her pants on backwards or chooses to revisit some long-dead fashion statement from years past. Rather, she wears what defines her. 

Ask yourself, “What defines me?” Which spice girl are you – Sporty, Posh, Scary? That is, do you prefer athletic style, traditional garb, or just what’s comfortable? Follow your heart when you make your purchases, otherwise those clothes are bound for failure. After all, why try to be something you’re not? 

I think a great place to start for those whom want to kick start their Spring wardrobe is, home of the Adidas Originals line. This is a line often sported by Stefani because of its traditional three stripes, its vintage roots, and its comfort. The online Originals store is a place not often visited by the youth of today, which is unfortunate. This causes a lot of the products to be carried, brand new, on (for much lower prices). Just type in ‘Adidas Originals’ into the search bar and see for yourself. You’ll find jackets, boots, t-shirts, and pretty much anything else you’re looking for. 

Adidas Originals should be a staple in your wardrobe, but there’s more. You’ll need sunglasses, too. Don’t cut corners on designer fashions, just find the right places to look for them. If you’re looking for a great pair of sunglasses at the Sunglasses Hut at the mall, or even in a high end boutique, you’re only cutting yourself short… and ripping yourself off in the process. It’s simply a matter of finding exactly what pair you want; aren’t purchases at the mall mainly based on impulse, anyways? Do the research. Once you find what you want, google it or Ebay it and have some patience, you’ll end up with what you need before you even know it. 

Now that you’ve got a good head start on looking great, don’t forget to know your measurements and compensate for future growth. Otherwise, you might find yourself having to let a piece of clothing go because it doesn’t fit. If you want to look like Gwen Stefani, just commit yourself and be smart. Most importantly: be yourself. 

Spicy Crockpot Chicken in Spinach and Yogurt Sauce

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Ready in about 4 hours, this chicken recipe also requires a large slow cooker, some common spices, butter, yogurt and frozen spinach. Excellent for company, a pot luck, even to impress a date with your home cooking! The collection of the rings can be bought from the Along with the food, the jewelry of the person should be good.

Main Ingredients

– 6 boneless skinless chicken breasts

– One onion, finely chopped

– 6 to 8 garlic cloves, halved

– One 300g (small) package frozen spinach, defrosted, excess water pressed out.

– Two slices of orange or one tbsp citrus juice (orange, lemon or lime to your personal preference).

– 1/2 cup sliced butter

– 1 cup to 1 1/2 cups milk. (I use low fat: you may use whatever suits you, including plain unflavored soy or rice milk).

– 2/3rds cup or more plain full-fat yogurt. (I use Balkan style).

– Sprinkling of finely chopped green onions, chives or leeks (optional).

– 1 cup sliced fresh mushrooms (optional)


Garam Masala, 2 or more tsps (to taste)

-OR substitute the following for a milder taste:

Half of one bay leaf (optional)

1 tsp cumin

1/2 tsp cinnamon

1/4 tsp ground cloves

1/2 tsp dry mustard

1 tsp or more curry powder (to taste)

Blend all spices, set aside.


1) Layer slices of butter at bottom of 5 quart slow cooker. (You may use a larger slow cooker if necessary.)

2) Layer defrosted, drained spinach on top of the butter. If slow cooker is taller than it is wide, you may wish to reserve some spinach for a second layer. if the cooker is wide, use up all the spinach on the bottom layer.

3) Layer boneless skinless chicken breasts on top of the spinach. If there is not room for all the chicken breasts to fit alongside each other, you may make another layer of spinach on top of the breasts which fit, then layer more chicken on top of that, and so forth.

4) When all chicken and spinach is in the slow cooker, sprinkle chopped onion and garlic slices evenly across top and sides of the contents. Add green onions and/or mushrooms now if you are using them.

5) Add Garam Masala evenly to taste (about 2 tsps), or add 2/3rds of the spice mixture described above. if you desire a deeper, more intense flavor, you may use the entire spice mixture.

6) Pour 1 cup milk or milk substitute over entire contents. If you will want a lot of sauce later, you may add as much as 2 cups of milk, but be sure to add extra spinach, butter and vegetables in proportion if you do this. The vegetables and juices from the chicken, as well as the milk, will form the basis of your sauce later.

7) Place lid on slow cooker. Cook on high for 4 hours. important: slow cookers vary, and yours may finish earlier or later than mine. Check the chicken at the 4 hour mark: is is cooked all the way through? If uncertain, give it more time. Check individual operating instructions for your particular slow cooker.

8) Remove cooked chicken, set aside. Remove bay leaf, discard.

9) Add yogurt to spinach sauce mixture which is still in the slow cooker. Add at least 2/3rds of a cup: you may want to add more until you reach the desired consistency of your sauce. It should be smooth and liquidy and about the consistency of gravy: neither too thick nor too runny.

10) Place chicken on individual serving plates. Pour spinach/yogurt sauce over chicken. Serve with vegetables and brown rice, if desired. Sauce also tastes great poured over the rice.

Shoes- Make Women Look Modern

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There have been numerous debates when it comes to men and women about which of them is superior over the other where many times things have gone out of hand, on occasions with violent twists.

While the debate has been going on since time immemorial, it keeps on getting more and more interesting with the passing of each generation as olden times equated men as strong, dominating and breadwinner of the family while women were relegated to the sidelines as being constantly by their husband’s side but not considered their equal in stature and prestige.

The stereotype of a patriarchal society of men ahead of women continues to linger on even today despite the women having proven their mettle in various fields either standing shoulder to shoulder to men or speeding miles ahead of them in accomplishments in the outside world.

They are no longer the typical timid, docile and subjugated housewives confined to the four walls of home and taking their husband’s word as law as many of them are occupying high posts in corporate fields and setting high standards.

In such scenarios, how can they not ask for equal rights in the society (created by men) and take the reins away from the men. Yes, they do it with elan and wear the mantle with pride.

They who were staying at home with bare feet are today suited and booted to make them look quite tough.

When it comes to footwear, here are certain tips for buying smart shoes for women:

  • Try avoiding high-heels as they can prove to be injurious and quite difficult to maintain
  • Women should have knowledge of different variety of shoes available on the site ConsumerEpic
  • Do visit footwear stores to try out size
  • Never buy shoes having flat soles
  • Always look for easy on foot sneakers
  • Never use high heels daily
  • Always buy from reputed brands

What Is The Various Tattoo Removal Procedure You Can Use?

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The tattoo has been in a significant trend among people of all ages around the world. They are various types of symbols available in the market, which you can have on your body according to your suitability.

People prefer permanent tattoos instead of the temporary tattoos because some of the professional tattoo artists create them. Then comes a phase of life when some of the people wanted to get remove the tattoos from their bodies.

You can have the use of the various tattoo removal such as saline tattoo removal to get rid of the tattoo.

Following are the different procedures you can consider for the tattoo removal


This is one of the surgical methods that can be used by to remove the tattoo from the body. The method includes the use of the grinding tools, which perform the function of removing the outer layer of your skin, and the surface containing the ink particles is extracted from your skin. This method is considered one of the painful processes of getting rid of the tattoos.

Surgery excision 

This is another method that can be used for removing of tattoo from your body by using the direct surgical removal. The technique simply involves cutting out the part of the skin that contains tattoo. The technique can be best suitable for small tattoos as it is difficult for you to remove the big tattoos.

The tattoo requires the use of the anesthesia, which generally depends upon the size of the tattoo. The hidden fact about the this tattoo procedure is that it will leave scarce on the skin where you had a symbol.


3 Digital Marketing Tips To Improve Your Marketing Efforts

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In our modern generation, digital marketing is an effective platform that provides satisfying outcome considering that you are using the right strategy to promote your product, service or business and generate leads. There are a lot of start-up companies, SMEs or small medium enterprises that only have limited resources or low budget for online marketing. But the good news is, businesses don’t necessarily have to spend a lot of money if only they have the proven techniques and tools in the digital world. Hence, if you are one among them, who are trying so hard to enhance their online business, you need to understand how the Internet marketing strategy can boost your marketing efforts.

Create Your Website

Nowadays, for a business to be competitive, it must have a website with quality design. It is an important tactic that influences users to access your page. It is also considered as a center of your digital marketing efforts and if the images are not clean, or doesn’t function well, it will not be able to attract customers.

Boost Your SEO

It is not enough that you just have a well-designed website. In this world of businesses where competition is fierce and keen, you should be able to understand that using SEO or search engine optimization tools will give you a competitive advantage over other businesses. It is important that your website can be easily searched online.

Use Social Media

Aside from having a website, your business should also be present on various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter etc. Millions of people are using these platforms so it will be a great advantage for your business to be on social media.

Using these digital marketing tips, you will now be able to further your מיתוג עסקי to your target market.

Fighting Games: Why Are They Not As Popular As Mobas Or Fpses?

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If there is one certain thing in this world, it is that people always go on the easy way. When it comes to game category like fighting games, people tend to play MOBAs and FPSes games rather than the fighting games. This is because fighting games are quite hard to learn, master and execute. For example, DOTA has a wide variety of skills and spectrum that players need to learn before battling competitively in the gaming community. It has an MMR that ranges from 0k to 9k and is continuously increasing its skill level. In my own opinion, MOBAs and FPSes are quite easier to play and contain fewer challenges compared to the biggest fighting games online. Hence, it is one of the reasons why fighting games are not as popular as such games.

Even though Counter-Strike Offensive, which is an example of FPS has wide various and several game modes that include demolition, competitive and casual modes, this game tends to attract lesser skilled games. Moreover, according to some reviews, Demolition mode in Counter-Strike Offensive Global has simpler and more relaxed team kill and rules compared to other fighting games.

In addition, fighting games usually function on a 2 dimensional frame, which makes a big turn off for fanatic gamers. Some fighting moves in fighting games usually require full circle inputs and a ton of buttons that players need to properly execute. As people go with traditional setting of MOBAS and FPS, it is undeniable that these gamers tend to go on the easier part of gaming. However, for people who want challenge and intense gaming, fighting games like dominoqq are the best game category for them. After all, gaming is a competitive platform in our generation nowadays.

The Most Popular Video Game Cheat Codes of All Time

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To complete the entire game one needs to be miraculously skillful or needs the cheat codes. Cheat codes provide the player the complete experience of the game and through this, the players’ time and efforts are saved from unlocking each and every level or get money gradually. There are hundreds of games and thousands of cheat codes that the players can’t forget. To mention ‘hello ladies’ in Grand Theft Auto was a cheat to increase sex appeal in women was among the most common cheats in a boys’ school. Let us read a bit more about some most popular cheat codes of all time.

The most famous cheat codes of all time

  • Sonic Hedgehog is an old game and is among the few who give the players nostalgic feeling. The debug mode of the game the perfect example of a cheat code encrypted by the developers for the basic reason to explore the entire game including the game engine and its physics. The reason behind the popularity of this cheat is that it lets the players to move freely, duplicate and even delete any sort of entity inside the game and provides a smoother gameplay.
  • Doom; it is believed to be the first-person shooter videogame as and when it was launched in 1993 also it is considered to be the first game to use cheat codes, and the idea was to make the game easier for the newbies
  • GTA Saga: Every game can be played in two ways one is the mainstream mission after mission or by using the cheats and exploring the vast universe that the game includes.
  • The Sims4: this game is about living the life through sims and as in real life, saving money is a herculean task, in the game, there are cheats to increase wealth or Simoleons.
  • The Konami Code is the most famous of all codes, and this code gave the players 30 additional lives in contra, completing this is something impossible with the codes it became a bit easier.

It is never too late to try out these cheats, visit now to gaming stores and use these cheats.

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